Four to Six Strings

Hi, I'm Danny.
I love music.
And you.
Let's Boogey.

Happy Birthday, B!

Happy birthday, best friend. 

It’s gonna be a big year for both of us, so let’s do this thing.

Time to boogey!



Daniel (Danny, Dan, Weeks, simon)


Dear Danny, what can I say? We’ve been friends for almost ten years now. There’s been a lot of laughs, love, anger, fights, an more laughs along the way, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. You know I’ve always admired your talent an your drive to make yourself a better musician and person….

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Merry Christmas everyone!

A quick little reminder to have a safe and wonderful merry little Christmas.

You might need headphones to hear this one too. Sorry.

P.S. I just want to note how incredible my family and friends are. Thank you for being you.

"What’s living if you never pull your shorts down and slide on the ice?"

A super quick (and quiet) one-take cover of First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes.

First cover/video/something in a long time.

Happy Birthday Weeks!

Another year, another birthday.

Happy Birthday, Weeks!