Hi, I'm Danny.
I love music.
And you. 
Let's Boogie.
  • Happy Birthday Weeks (Michaud)!

    Well, here we are. 21 years. The one you’ve been waiting for. It’s finally here, and while there may have been times it dragged, but it seems like time really flew to get you here, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, this is a big year. A big year for big decisions and making big steps in our lives. Let’s make this year as big as we’ve always planned it. This summer is a good start, I think. ;)

    Cheers to you mate, it’s a pleasure to be able to write this.

    Now, on with our night!

    Happy Birthday, Weeks!



  • Happy Birthday, Weeks!

    You gotta be at least 30 by now, right?

    Either way: another birthday, another chance to go big or go home.

    Let’s do it!

    Happy Birthday, Weeks.


  • "Where are you now?" Here’s a little glimpse into Cam and I’s late night musical life.

  • "Taillights burn red; they’re hotter than hell. And I’ve been long gone, couldn’t you tell?"

  • Happy Birthday, B!

    Happy birthday, best friend. 

    It’s gonna be a big year for both of us, so let’s do this thing.

    Time to boogie!